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Meet Our Doctors

Timothy Goodrich, D.O.

Timothy Goodrich, D.O. joined our practice in 2015 and offers multiple ENT services which include sinus and nasal disorders, ear infections, sinusitis, tonsils and adenoids, hearing loss and thyroid disorders. Dr. Goodrich is board certified in Otolaryngology.

He served in the Army and received his medical degree from Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine in Glendale, AZ in 2003 and performed his residency at Walter Reed in Bethesda, Maryland. He enjoys hunting with his 2 dogs, fishing, and spending quality time with his wife and daughter on the beautiful Palouse.

Susan Keeling, AuD, CCC-A

Susan Keeling, AuD, CCC-A has been providing audiological services on the Palouse since 2002.  She received her clinical doctorate in audiology from the University of Florida and works with adult and pediatric populations.

In addition to diagnosing hearing loss and fitting hearing aids, Dr. Keeling has special interests in the areas of auditory processing and hearing conservation.  She is passionate about helping people improve their abilities to communicate and participate in the world around them.  Dr. Keeling enjoys exploring the outdoors and cheering on the Cougs with her husband and three children.


Rutendo Chikuku, AuD

Rutendo Chikuku, AuD, is the new audiologist who just joined our practice. She graduated from the University of Indiana in Bloomington. Dr. Chikuku completed her graduate externship year at the Medical University of South Carolina working mainly on an ongoing study investigating age-related hearing loss.

At our practice, Dr. Chikuku works with both the adult and pediatric population and performs most of our follow-up testing for the pediatric population from birth to three years old. Her special interests include electrophysiological testing, hearing conservation and she is passionate about hearing health awareness in the community.