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Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

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Try to rest with your head elevated. This will reduce swelling and bleeding. It is not unusual to have some oozing during the first 24 hours following surgery. A cold pack to the nose, eyes, and cheeks may help.

Remove any nasal packing as directed by your surgeon, usually 24 hours after your surgery.

Do Not try to blow your nose, even after the packing has been removed. If you have to sneeze, do so with your mouth open. After four (4) or five (5) days following your surgery, you may begin to gently blow your nose as needed. Preferably: Irrigate, Sniff and Spit.

Take your medication as prescribed.Do Not use medication or any type of nasal spray unless approved by your physician.

Begin irrigating your nose 48 hours after surgery with a Sinus Rinse Kit. Use 8 ounces of salt-water solution on each side operated on. The solution should run out the other nostril and into the sink. Irrigations should be done at least twice daily but may be done more often if desired. Irrigating the sinus cavities helps to remove dried blood and secretions. Continue irrigations until otherwise directed.

You may gradually increase your level of activity after the first 48 hours. Avoid any activities that involve straining or heavy lifting for one to two weeks following surgery. Avoid dusty or contaminated air. Avoid dirty or chemically treated water for two weeks.

You may call the office at any time if you have any questions or concerns. If you have an emergency after hours or during the weekend please call or go to the emergency room.